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Burglar Capture

The average cost to a business from a laptop loss is almost $47000. Burglar Capture collects evidence against the thief and their exact location, making it possible to recover your laptop.


How Does Burglar Capture Work?

Your stolen device could be anywhere and could be with anyone. Even if you report the theft to the authorities the chances of its recovery are very less since there is literally nothing to track that. But, then you have Burglar Capture to the rescue.

So, Once you are through the mini heart attack after losing your laptop, just set your device to missing from your Burglar Capture Panel and wait.

Set Device To Missing

Log in to your online panel using your credentials and set your device to missing after selecting your lost device.

Round the clock monitoring

Once the application gets triggered the software start monitoring the laptop round the clock to collect shreds of evidence.

Will The Evidence Be Enough?

The Burglar report will literally grab your hand and take you to the doorsteps of the thief. And since you’ve taken his pictures silently you know how he/she looks. And the random screenshots of his facebook or other social media enable you to simply call them by their names.

Evidence Collection

Evidence will include the location of the device along with pictures of the thief, screenshots of the device and neighboring Wi-Fi networks for more precision.

Burglar Report

Burglar Capture transmits the device data that is collected upon activation at regular intervals and create reports on your online panel. This report is also emailed to your registered email address.

Features And Benefits

So, A lot of laptops are stolen every day. In fact, Almost 2 million laptops are stolen/ lost every year just in the united states. Burglar Capture is packed with features that will enable you to get hold of your device back. And the roadmap is full of upcoming features.


Device Information

Burglar Capture application collects all the necessary hardware info to prove our ownership of the device.

Location Tracking

Burglar Capture reports the exact location of the device on a real-time enabling you/cops to reach there.

Display Message

You can send a customized message to display on the device for an easy return.

Click Picture

Clicks pictures of the thief silently which are the proof of them being in possession of the device.

Takes Screenshots

Continuous screenshots enable you to find the thief’s probable identity, ensuring an easy recovery.

Lock the device

This feature ensures an extra layer of security to any sensitive data that may be there on the laptop.

sound alarm

Thieves don’t like attention, this police siren will definitely bring everyone else’s attention to them.

Burglar report

The burglar report will give you the feeling of a secret agent. Oh, I know you and your whereabouts, Thief!

Free Updates

We have too much planned for future features, all of them are available for you. Forever.

Thief Will Format The Computer

In case (S)he does, there’s no way to get the device back but the studies state it otherwise, maybe we don’t think like the thieves.

It becomes easy to track a person if the location of the device is known, but in most cases of stolen laptops it meets a dead end as there is no help from the telecom service providers.

Delhi Police, 26 Jan 2016

Chasing a stolen laptop, a techie’s hunt with the police.

27-year-old Bengaluru techie travels across 3 cities over four days and finds his stolen Mac Laptop only because he had a tracking system in place.

News, 11 Jan 2016

Tracking software are effective. The Ponemon Institute estimates that only 18% of unprotected laptops are recovered. Computers with tracking programs are found more than 90% of the time.

Article, 23 Dec 2008

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